Media Partners, your online partner for English language editing, proofreading, medical writing, formatting, design & development and publication support services — the search service of manufacturers & suppliers, offers you an international platform with the latest updated base of companies that supply quality equipment, products and services in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Key information achievements: ▪ easy catalogue of manufacturers & suppliers ▪ major industry events: exhibitions, seminars, conferences, forums ▪ main news of the national and world scale ▪ online release of annual Russian language printed edition «Handbook of a pharmaceutical worker». * Annual reference information edition for TOP-managers of enterprises, technical experts and purchasing department, which spread by way personal address delivered to all leading enterprises of a given industry.

European Pharmaceutical Review is the leading bi-monthly technical journal for the pharmaceutical industry, and essential reading for anyone involved in drug discovery or manufacturing. It will keep you up to date with new developments and projects within the dynamic European pharmaceutical environment, featuring articles on topics that impact the sector, including: – cellular imaging, drug discovery, microbiology, stem cells and toxicology. At European Pharmaceutical Review we pride ourselves on our editorial integrity. We attract the leading industry experts to write on subjects that readers need to know about. The strength of European Pharmaceutical Review is reflected by our circulation figures, with an estimated 74,362 readers across the globe. is a transparent online platform for determining which products and services are the best based on the opinion of the crowd. The crowd consists of Internet users which have experienced products and services first-hand and have an interest in letting other potential buyers their thoughts on their experience.

About Medgenera Medgenera is a company search and knowledge platform for healthcare and other allied industries. Our platforms include: 1. Medgenera-Simplifying Diversity is built on the concept of data intelligence for healthcare and other allied industries within the seven dimensions of health. Medgenera-A Biopreneurs News Network is a globally leading digital media platform for business, finance and innovations in biotech, pharma, chemistry and healthcare industries. For more information, please visit

Hospitals-Management is essentially a B2B online business and media platform that has under it wraps the largest global database of Healthcare buyers and suppliers. covers in-depth trends that shape industry dynamics and metamorphose global economics.

Binding Database is an open, web-accessible database of measured binding affinities, focusing on the interactions of proteins considered to be drug-targets with small, drug-like molecules. BindingDB contains 910,836 binding data, for over 6,263 protein targets and 378,980 small molecules. BindingDB also includes a small collection of host-guest binding data of interest to chemists studying supramolecular systems. BindingDB supports medicinal chemistry and drug discovery via literature awareness and development of structure-activity relations; validation of computational chemistry and molecular modeling approaches such as docking, scoring and free energy methods; basic studies of the physical chemistry of molecular recognition; and chemical biology and chemical genomics. Learn more about the freely accessible database at ( is a platform for international academic conference, which help users to improve efficiency of conferences organization with mission to build a professional academic research community.

This portal has started as a joint project by various partners in 2005 led by the Swiss Biotech Association (SBA). The aim of this portal is the presentation of resources, services and companies in Biotechnology in related fields of Life Sciences disciplines. The leading partner is the SBA. The day-to-day management is executed by Bridge Plus AG and the webcenter (part of ZHAW). Bridge Plus AG also manages the Swiss Biotech Association in form of a mandate. The site and intends to present easy access and awareness for the sector.

JSB Market Research Pvt. Ltd.: JSB Market Research is one of the most significant databases of online market researches and intelligence reports and services. The online portal for marketing research deals with access to global market data and assists in providing expert insights and exposure on global. Website URL :

BioNanoNet is an Austrian Network that combines a wide range of expertise in numerous medical and pharmaceutical disciplines, with a strong focus on nanomedicine and nanotoxicology. The BioNanoNet GmbH has the clear aim of supporting innovative interdisciplinary research by forming cooperative networks and synergistic collaborations in order to initiate and coordinate national and international research projects in the areas of medical and pharmaceutical research, specifically nanomedicine and nanotoxicology.

We are a young company that started off to help each business or academic event attendee find an international event and have sufficient information about them. We also happily assist them in every phase of an event as well with offering networking opportunities.

PlacidWay, aleader in the medical tourism industry, is a US-based company focused on connecting patients and medical providers from around the globe. Founded in 2007, PlacidWay has evolved into a recognized brand in the industry providing full-service solutions from marketing and education to patient coordination, logistics and provider management.